Download and install Android App

Enable Unknown Sources

Before attempting a manual installation of apps using the .apk files, you must first allow your device to install from “Unknown Sources”. 

To do this, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box marked “Unknown Sources“.

For Amazon Fire TV go to Settings -> System -> Developer Options and make sure the Apps from Unknown Sources is turned ON.

Download and Install

If this is for an ordinary Android device (with a browser), then simply click on the download button below:

Otherwise if this is for an Amazon Fire TV device then need to download and install ES File Explorer first. After that download the .apk file using this url:

Information on how to use ES Explorer

Once .apk file is downloaded, just open or click on the file and follow the normal instructions.

If you are having problems with some of the channels, it could be because your ISP is blocking them. Please follow the instructions on this page: ISP Filters in order to remove the filters.